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Damn, I hate the internet sometimes. I was going to go to sleep about an hour ago but then I thought I'd just do one more tweak and now its an hour later and I'm just about to call it a day having put together another piece of the livejournal meets geolocation puzzle - this is very much a work in progress, as you can see by the fact I accidentally posted from the middle of the indian ocean (maybe the upness and alongness are the wrong way around somewhere along the way?). I'm not going to worry myself deeply about this since theres hardly a lot of people actually using geotagging on livejournal at the moment.

Flickr have managed to get a bunch of people using geotagging, and, in some ways, it makes more sense there, photos are by their nature very much tied to locations. That could also be true of journal entries, but it is unlikely to happen until there are some sensible mobile clients out there with access to location information....ah, now theres a thought...but I must go to sleep before I start another all-nighter on this.


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